The seed. The root. The tree

I have been sketching and painting since I first discovered I could as a kid. My parents are both artists in their own right and nurtured my imagination from the start. Exposure to the desert colors and vibrant cultures in Tucson, AZ left me with plenty of inspiration. I thought developing my art through a degree would be a smart choice when I started college but found the art program too restricting and instead I graduated in writing, all the while keeping my art a side project in Flagstaff, AZ. I stayed for 8 years (earning undergrad and graduate degrees) teaching English composition as a Graduate Assistant and in my free time hiking, swimming and discovering even more cultures within the area. Art was something I needed to keep for myself wherein I could find my own voice and style. Flash forward 3 years and I find myself living in Seattle. I found Seattle to be a place where uber-creative people explored, collaborated and shared their art in all stages of development. I found this incredibly inviting and intoxicating. I wanted to soak it all up; I went to galleries, local café exhibits, attended local dance performances, went to music concerts and really tried to dive into the art scene. I felt I was merely scratching the surface of my art education. Besides the progressive metropolitan aspects, Seattle is blanketed in a lush, diverse environment begging to be explored. I put a lot of miles on the car and popped a few bike tires while navigating the area within my first few years. I gulped it all in and when I came up for air I had so much I wanted to say on canvas. This is how I started developing my style that would later become a muse for a small business brand I called Concentric Designs.