For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you may see me post updates for Andrea Rangel (Andrea Knits), who is also my sister-in-law, and for my good friend Jessie Kwak (Bicitoro). The three of us are close friends but as of three years ago we’re bonded over something more profound.

While on a visit to Vancouver Island in November 2012 Andrea, Jessie and I formed TRIFECTA. It’s a support network for the three of us to develop our creative endeavors. It was the result of a weekend where over a bottle of red, we shared creative successes & struggles and came to the realization that our forum provided something more insightful. TRIFECTA became a space to outline our short-and-long-term career goals, business strategies and artistic ideas for feedback.

Before launching Concentric Designs, I had no idea how to do it. Andrea and Jessie, who both previously launched their own small businesses, provided the insight that inspired me to take the leap. They shared their strategies, resources and lessons learned. TRIFECTA allows us to empower each other while keeping our expectations for success based in reality. And it’s tradition to kill a bottle of red or two.

In October 2013 Jessie, Andrea and I met again on Vancouver Island to celebrate our 2nd TRIFECTA Retreat. That time we rocked a bicycle wine tour throughout Cowichan Valley.

Last week we celebrated the 3rd TRIFECTA Retreat in Portland where we cycled between pubs, cafes and chatted up new business goals. I was at Posies Bakery when I sketched the avatar for my new brand Neesha Gear.

Posie's Bakery