Contact High

After being invited to paint live at a club in Seattle early May, I started brainstorming about the subject matter with the logistics in mind; I was informed the venue would have a space theme equipped with black lights and there would be some thumpin’ beats executed by some primo, local DJs. The idea came to me after thinking about my favorite childhood tribe – the lost boys from Peter Pan - and the thought of putting them in space with one key change – their leader would be a girl. She would lead them bounding from rock to cliff and beyond. Then I thought about how rad it would be to paint this scene in UV acrylics so it would POP from the canvas as the night progressed.

It was an amazing night! My painting came out the way I wanted but the icing on this space cake was the fact that I met so many wonderful, beautiful people. Artists and creators themselves, I was elated to make some new connections and friends. The DJs kept me dancing as I painted the night away. It was one of the most expressive fusions of dance, music and art I had experienced in a while. I’m so grateful to have spent an evening with so many open hearts.