Creative Evolution

Give me a tool and I’ll try to make something with it; even if I have no training or previous experience. I love exploring my own uncharted, creative territory. This is how I got started with knitting, sewing and silk screening. I watched a few online videos, bought a kit and started playing.

During the long, dark, wet winters here in Seattle I typically have 3 - 4 art projects rotating. For example I’ll hand-sew a pillow case while my photo emulsion film dries or start knitting a cowl scarf while I burn a new design on a silk screen in my tiny bathroom-turned-darkroom. Juggling these projects brings me as much joy and balance as dancing or getting out into nature.

And I’m always looking to learn more. Fine arts intrigue me. Especially since there is an increasing number of digital programs out there that can catapult design and creativity onto a whole new level. While it’s incredibly engaging and exciting to see, I find myself consistently pulled into a world of hands-on, raw materials. I want to capture texture with oil paint or illustrate shadows with a pen. I do, however, like the dichotomy of digitally capturing my micron drawings with photo filters. The dark winters bring lighting challenges so I’m grateful for my Nikon photo enhancements. So far, that’s as digital as I get.

Perhaps I’m reluctant to cross over into the digital world mostly because with my creative ADD I’m afraid to fall into a new creative rabbit hole and throw off my balance a bit. On the other hand, it could be exhilarating; new tool = new adventures.